viJournal 2.3.8

Well designed personal journal application


  • Elegant and clean interface
  • Very easy to use
  • Multimedia support
  • Integrated with iTunes


  • No integration with iPhoto for images
  • No Wordpress support

Very good

There are lots of journal apps out there but few of them are as well presented, thought out and a pleasure to use as viJournal.

If you're thinking of keeping a private journal that you want to keep from prying eyes but includes videos, music and photos, then viJournal is an excellent choice. viJournal takes the format of a good-old diary except this diary is very 21st Century in every way. It allows you to write entries under dated headers as a page in a diary does and then allows you to browse them chronologically. If you want to keep more than one diary that's no problem either - viJournal allows you to have several running at once. Alternatively, you can use what the program calls "Sessions" which means you can setup categories for each day and enter details within those categories within a specific day.

Along the bottom of the clean interface you have four buttons - one that pops out a notepad for random thoughts, one for dragging in images, a Drop Box for attaching multimedia and other files and a Library button to navigate through your entries. You can even drag iTunes marker tracks into viJournal so that you can click on the marker when you read back through viJournal and it will play the track you were listening to when you wrote it. In the Drop Box, you can record video from your iSight camera to add some more life to your entries or just take a photo.

There's much more to viJournal including integration with Blogger and LiveJournal, security locking and syncing with mobile devices that make viJournal a superb option for the personal diarist.



viJournal 2.3.8

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